What Services Do You Provide?

Northwest Web Marketing is a full service online design, development and marketing firm catering to small and mid-sized companies. We do everything from designing and building your website, to managing your online marketing, to providing you detailed reporting on what is working and what isn’t when it comes to your advertising dollars. And finally, when it’s time to expand or improve your website, or integrate it with your CRM or other back end technologies, we can handle that too.

In sum, we’re a one-stop shop for managing all of your company’s web presence.


Do you provide estimates?

Yes. We will always provide a full estimate which includes the pricing, terms, scope and timeline of services before beginning a new project.


Web Design Services

Typically clients come to us with an idea of what they want their website to achieve and convey. We ask a few follow up questions to determine the scope of the project and from there come up with a full price estimate and timeframe.

Once underway, we’ll present the client with a few mockups with a number of choices at various junctures.

In most cases, we’ll also be handling the development / implementation of the website, so we’ll put the site live.

Our web development services range from as simple as putting a new website that we’ve designed for a client live, making simple design, layout or content tweaks on behalf of clients with pre-existing websites, all the way to developing custom integrations for clients with complex goals.

The majority of online traffic still comes to websites via organic search, that is, people searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for service providers in your industry.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a service designed to increase the visibility of your company’s website when prospective customers search the web. We offer custom monthly packages that include on-page optimization as well as lnikbuilding and other off-page optimization.

A growing percentage of web visitors will come to your website after having clicked a paid ad, whether it be on Facebook, Google Adwords, or a display ad, to name but a few channels.

Our SEM services involve creating your ad campaign, managing your budget and strategically deploying that budget in order to get the most bang for your buck.

One of the most common untapped resources for generating new clients at a small business is your existing clients. Our email marketing services range form helping you keep potential customers engaged, to driving entirely new customers through outreach efforts.

By taking an active role in social media, your company can help shape the online perception of your products and services, as well as keep existing customers happier and attract new customers.

Our social media management services involve setting up filters, alerts and rules on your various social media platforms, as well as pushing out content to those platforms.

When we perform marketing services for our clients, we always include detailed reporting so that clients are able to properly gauge how many new clients resulted from the marketing channel, the cost per new client, and determine whether the ROI makes sense for their specific business.